Hudsons Yard

Inspiring commercial architecture means this Yorkshire business is driving forward to a bright future


Client:  John Hudson Trailers Ltd
Value:  £XX
Contractor: Dexter Pollard

Commercial architecture has the power to transform businesses - and our project with John Hudson Trailers is an inspiring example.

The company has occupied the same Bawtry site since the 1950s and the imaginative and forward-thinking management team had a vision to propel both the site and the business to greater heights.

We worked with them to provide support and expertise to their ideas for transforming the first workshop built on the site into a central open plan office.

Today, the refurbished shed is a light and airy space that houses sales, accounts and workshop under one roof, encouraging clearer communication across the different departments. 

Like many commercial office design projects, this re-think helped to solve many of the problems of the site and the business, creating a single point of entry, opening views from the offices into the workshops and freeing up space for archiving, parts storage and the old car workshop.