Designing in a Digital Realm: Increasing Client Engagement

Watch our interactive walk-through demo

Being able to showcase a design concept in a three-dimensional digital form is a great way of grabbing the client’s attention and presents them with a more natural way of visualising a project, because, after all, we don’t experience life in 2D!

This way of presenting ideas has become more and more popular within the field of Architecture. It’s become so popular in fact, that it is now being introduced to a wider audience. BBC 2’s “Your Home Made Perfect” shows what’s possible when an Architect utilises 3D software to communicate their designs in a thought provoking and creative manner.

Over the past few months Pearce Bottomley Architects have been developing our own unique way of using this type of software to engage with clients and to put forward design concepts that can be changed and adapted on the fly through the use of “interactive walk-though” style presentations. Materials, lighting, room layouts and fit out specifications can all be mixed and matched allowing the client to see multiple different variations of a design in a fully digital environment.

For any interactive demo enquires, please contact us for a consultation.