New Coastal Conservation Area proposed in Whitburn


We were thrilled to be invited to submit a bid for this project as specialists in conservation architecture, and our portfolio of work in this area, including The Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey, Washburn Heritage Centre and St Peters Church Harrogate, enabled us to formulate a response which met the design criteria, conserving the existing landscape.


The light house buildings illustrate a considered strategy for inhabiting an environment which can at times take the full force of the costal weather. In storm, the light house’s function is crucial so the architecture ensures that the crew can operate in the hostile environment when they are most needed. The accommodation crouches behind the tower in a protective courtyard form, enclosing and sheltering itself. The buildings’ solid construction, substantial chimneys, storm porches and the covered link to the tower tell of the requirement for the building and its staff to be operational in all weathers.

Placing a building in this landscape requires careful consideration of the particular environment and the dynamic relationship between humans, land and sea. Inspiration was drawn from the nature of the forms that have survived in the context. The bid gave us the fantastic opportunity to work collaboratively on a strategic and innovative design solution.

Although the proposal received third place in the entry submissions, Pearce Bottomley thoroughly enjoyed the experience appreciating the existing Souter Lighthouse and exploring the Whitburn area in order to formulate a strong design concept for the proposal.

We wish the project every success for its delivery and extend a congratulations to the winning proposal.