Introducing Josh Greenwood and the Oculus rift


Pearce Bottomley Architects are pleased to welcome Josh Greenwood as the newest member of our team. Josh’s role as a graphics visualiser enables us to now provide a virtual reality service to our clients, giving them a real time walkthrough of their unbuilt project.

The visuals that can now be produced from our initial designs and sketches, are aiding enormously with planning applications and pre-application advice, with one particular visual changing the mind of Historic England entirely enabling them to offer their complete support for a proposal that they had previously been against.

A consultee comment on one visual submitted with another planning application stated ‘It is clear from the photographs provided that the development proposed in this application has already been carried out. The proposed garden room looks very well and we would be happy for this to be approved.’

Santa has also gifted Pearce Bottomley with a shiny new Oculus Rift (a virtual reality headset) that Josh is using to take clients on a virtual tour of their projects. We are eager to explore the potential in this new area and can’t wait to see what this exciting piece of kit can offer.