Historic England Grade II listing will Protect Chevet Grange

The future of important farm buildings and former labourers' cottages at  Chevet Grange, Wakefield, has been safeguarded thanks to the awarding of listed building status.

Our conservation team took the unusual step of applying for the listing, in a bid to protect the buildings and add merit to their potential conversion.

Built between 1750-1880 - the most important period of farm development in England - these historic barns and cottages have been standing empty because agricultural techniques and machinery have outgrown them. Without a viable long term plan, the buildings' future was at risk.

Having successfully achieved the listed status, we will be liaising closely with the local authority to find a suitable design solution that will guarantee the buildings' survival and bright future.

Watch this space for news of the farm's progress. If you have any redundant buildings or conservation projects, please contact us for a consultation.